There’s really no better way to relive and share your wedding story than with a storytelling album featuring 80 to 120 of your favorite photos.

Here’s what Jennifer, a recent bride, wrote after seeing her album design;

“Yes, yes, yes! I love the album design! For some reason this is more exciting than even seeing the pictures for the first time. I really love how the album captures the day. It’s so much better to look at than the 900+ photos in the gallery!”

When looking at an album for the first time, many will hold the album in their laps, run their hands over the luxurious cover and slowly look at each photo in the album.  An album simply engages your senses unlike anything else.  Have you ever held a photo of someone you loved and touched their face?

Your album itself will be a work of art.  Here’s a brief description of a few recent designs:

Christina and Rob’s album (below) features the beautiful Secret Garden for the cover and the rich brown Datebook leather for the spine.


Jennifer and Levi’s album (below) features the gorgeous Lust leather for the cover.

Molly and Trent’s album (below) features the beautiful and appropriately named Love Junky suede.


Kim and Greg’s album (below) features the exquisite Sagebrush Lizard leather for the spine and back combined with a vibrant metal cover featuring their first dance.

Your album will not only enable you to re-live your wedding day with those who were at your wedding, it will also provide you with the opportunity to share your story with others and, perhaps one day, with your children and grandchildren.  They will be able re-live one of the most important days of your lives and, most importantly, they will be able to remember the friends and family who were there to celebrate the day with you.



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