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Wedding photographer in bloomington il

1.) Where do you live

After living in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Vancouver most of my life, I literally bumped into my future wife, Barbara, during an event she was promoting in Washington D.C.  We eventually married there and enjoyed a few years living in this wonderful, historically unique city.  After a stop in San Luis Obispo and the birth of our first child, Isabelle, we moved to Barb’s hometown in Normal, Illinois to live closer to her parents.


 My wife, Barbara, and our two children Isabelle and Annalise

2.) What’s your photography background

I was developing film in a darkroom at 13 so my passion goes quite a ways back.  Later, I photographed products for our business in a studio setting.  It wasn’t until I discovered a U.K. photographer, Jeff Ascough, whose documentary, photojournalistic approach really resonated with me that I considered photographing weddings.  I started assisting/second shooting in 2008 before I began photographing my own weddings in 2010.
3.) What’s your approach the day of
For most of the day I am intuitively capturing natural moments that document your day;  images that are uncontrived, natural and truthful.  I combine these genuine moments with creative composition and the delicate art of event lighting — whether using natural light, bounced light or off-camera lighting —  to help create dimension and mood.  Taken together, the goal is that viewer is placed in the scene and actually feels the emotions as if they were actually there.
4.) How do you approach the family photos

While most of the day is natural, creative documentary, we typically set aside a small portion of the day where I am a bit more hands on. Instead of an elaborate photo shoot that takes you away for hours while your guests are left waiting, the idea is to keep these more formal photos simple with a minimum of fuss.

wedding photographers in bloomington il

In dimly lit venues, I will typically use off-camera lighting with a couple of lightstands and umbrellas for soft, elegant lighting.  

5.) How do you approach photos of the two of us

Usually 20-30 minutes of you together either during a “first look” prior to the ceremony or shortly afterwards. These are more about setting the scene than stiff posing.  The idea is that you have a few quiet moments together where you simply enjoy each other’s company.  I will provide a few gentle tips along the way so that you both look and feel as relaxed and natural as possible..

llinois Wesleyan Bloomington IL Wedding


6.) Have you seen our venue before?

I travel far and wide and very often photograph at venues I have never seen before. But I always make scouting trip to get the lay of the land before coverage starts – either a week or two before the wedding day if it’s a nearby venue, or the day before if you will be having a ceremony rehearsal.  I can do this on my own or we can schedule a time to meet at the venue, if you prefer.

7.) Will I receive the high resolution images?

Yes. As is the norm, I will retain the copyright but you’ll be provided with the beautifully edited photos so that you can print to your hearts content, either at home or via a vendor of your choosing.

8.) How many photos will we receive?

You will typically between 800-1200 photos (approximately 100 per hour of coverage). If you like, you can view a full gallery on the website to obtain a better feel for what a days coverage typically looks like.

9.) When will we see our photos?

You will be able to download the high resolution, edited images within 4 weeks, sometimes sooner.

10.) Can you hold a date for us or let us know if someone else inquires about the same date?

The dates are booked on a first come, first serve basis.  A date might be available when you inquire or the day we meet but anyone can book the date at anytime.  Due to the amount of inquiries I receive, I cannot hold a date or let you know if someone else inquires about the same date.

11.)  How do we book you?

To book the date, a small, non-refundable retainer and an agreement signed by the both of us reserves the date. This can all be done online – it’s simple and only takes a few minutes.  The next step would be to find out about my availability.

Any other questions? Just ask.  Also, let’s have a friendly chat so I can also understand your day better.



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