Based in Bloomington Normal, Illinois I travel far and wide photographing unique wedding day stories.  Although the towns and venues differ, what stays the same is our shared desire for heartfelt wedding photos that tell the authentic story of the wedding day, and to have it told in a creative way.

Couples who hire me want to enjoy their day without the constant fussing and an intervention by their wedding photographer.  Their priority is to enjoy the day with family and friends, and for me to capture the many authentic moments that happen along the way. They tend to be people who appreciate thoughtful, well composed photography and who understand that a mostly natural, unchoreographed wedding can be truly beautiful.

When looking at your photos, you will be able to feel again the emotions you felt, and also view your wedding from the perspective of family and friends who celebrated the day with you.

Before your wedding day, I’ll visit the venue(s) and we’ll work together on your timeline to provide you with peace of mind so that you can be as relaxed as possible on your wedding day.

To dive in a bit deeper, you can:  read about MY APPROACH when photographing your wedding day, the EXPERIENCES of brides and grooms whose weddings I photographed and, of course, to check my availability and to receive detailed pricing information visit AVAILABILITY.


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