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I am a wedding photographer living in Bloomington Normal, Illinois with my wife and two children.  About half the weddings I photograph are located within 10 miles of our home while others see me traveling to Champaign-Urbana, Peoria, Chicago and beyond. Venues range from quaint family farms to an array of Marriotts and Hiltons. Although the towns and venues differ, what stays the same is our shared desire for heartfelt wedding photos that tell the authentic story of the wedding day, and to have it told in a creative way.

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You are able to truly relive your wedding day when you can view the complete story from start to finish – moments artfully photographed in sequence that capture the real, authentic and often fleeting moments of the two of you together, with your family, as well as with your friends who were there to celebrate the day with you.

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The intention with every wedding is the same; to create a beautiful, genuine story – a piece of art – that is uniquely yours and that will enable you to remember not only what your wedding day looked like but, more importantly, what it felt like.

The Day of Your Wedding

For most of the day, I will blend in with your wedding guests to capture real, authentic moments between the two of you, your family and your friends.  I typically arrive an hour or two before the ceremony and leave an hour or two after the first dance.  All told, we are usually looking at between 8 to 9 hours of coverage.  During this time, I’ll be relaxed, friendly … and as unobstrusive as possible.


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For a small portion of the day, we’ll take a few simple yet elegantly posed photos of you with your respective families. We will also set aside a few moments of the two of you together as you enjoy each other’s company, either during a “first look” or shortly after the ceremony. This will be more about setting the scene than stiff posing and we’ll try to approach these so that you both look and feel as natural as possible.

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After Your Wedding

After your much deserved honeymoon, you will be able to view a visual re-telling of your wedding day story and feel again all the emotions you experienced.  You will be able to view your wedding from the perspective of your friends and family who were there to celebrate the day with you.  And you’ll provide others who were not at your wedding (perhaps one day children of your own) with the ability to re-live your wedding day and feel the emotions you felt, as if they were actually there.

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Next Step

I invite you to view a few recent wedding blog posts, a full gallery or two and then read kind words from couples to understand how they felt both during the wedding day, as well as when looking at their wedding photos for the first time.

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If what you read and see resonates with you, please get in touch.

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